A downloadable game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux

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Shoot and bomb your way through a regenerative environment to collect guarded keys and escape to the next level.

Developed for #lowrezjam 2016



Move - WASD
Aim - Mouse
Shoot - Left Click
Bomb - Space
Menu - Escape


Press start at the menu to activate gamepad
Move Cursor/Player - Left Stick
Aim - Right Stick
Shoot - Right Trigger
Bomb - A Button
Menu - Start

If you're using Mac or Linux, you can download the .love file and run it with Love2D

More information

Published191 days ago
PlatformsWindows, Mac OS X, Linux
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Destruction, LÖVE, Procedural Generation, Twin Stick Shooter
Player countSingleplayer


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Celly64 - Win - 1_02.zip 11 MB
Celly64 - 1_02.love 9 MB


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My computer marks this as a virus and wont let me override it.

If you can install Love2D and download the .love you can run it without Windows blocking it.

Tried downloading the love file, got a weird error.


It looks like you have a GLSL version < 110. Updating your graphics driver should fix this.

Me too:

Error: Cannot compile pixel shader code:

0:34(21): error: syntax error, unexpected NEW_IDENTIFIER, expecting ')' or ','

stack traceback:

[C]: in function 'newShader'

main.lua:41: in main chunk

[C]: in function 'require'

[string "boot.lua"]:428: in function <[string "boot.lua"]:274>

[C]: in function 'xpcall'

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Did you try updating your graphics driver? I think I can fix this error but there might be more that I don't know about.

[Edit] I uploaded a new version that should fix that specific issue if you can't update or updating doesn't work.

Updating didnt work for me - still getting the same error.

Did you try the newer version of the game? You shouldn't be getting the same error with that.

I tried the .love file that you have on this page (Yes I did redownload it) I also tried redownloading the windows version and got an error with that.

Still getting 'Line 33: error: Syntax error: "f" parse error' ?